Dr. Martha Jones

 -Intel Corporation-

Martha Jones is a Quality Program Manager at Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, OR.  In her current role, Dr. Jones is in the Critical Issues Management Team in the Corporate Quality Network (CQN), working with cross-organizational teams to address product issues in Software/Hardware, Security, Safety, Quality and Reliability.  

Her 23 year career at Intel has witnessed significant engineering challenges in silicon and packaging manufacturing, such as the transition from 200mm to 300mm silicon wafers and integration of Cu interconnects and high-K transistors.  She has enjoyed both individual contributor and people manager roles.  Dr. Jones has engaged in four Si manufacturing process certifications, manufacturing ramp of 22nm process, and managed reliability stress lab operations.  She also is passionate about developing our next generation of engineers and enjoys teaching, mentoring, and is currently leading the Oregon CQN Lean-In Circle. 

Dr. Jones received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University, working in Prof. Jim Engstrom’s group (1997).  She still has her favorite wrench from working on ultra-high-vacuum systems during her graduate school days.

E-mail: martha.jones@intel.com