Shaughnessy Naughton

Shaughnessy Naughton holds a degree in chemistry and has a unique background as both a scientist and small business owner. Motivated to bring her STEM training and fact-based problem-solving experience into the political arena, she ran for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th District in 2014. While campaigning for office with no previous political experience, she realized that scientists and STEM professionals are underrepresented in government and face distinct barriers to entering the political arena. Inspired by the support she received from the scientific community coupled with the experience she gained running for Congress in 2014, she founded a grassroots organization in 2016 called 314 Action to help train other STEM professionals to run for office. Over the past few years, 314 Action has helped bring a record number of STEM professionals (engineers, scientists, mathematicians, physicians, and astronauts) into all levels of government. In this talk, Naughton will elaborate on her journey from STEM to politics, her experience running for office as a STEM professional, her work with 314 Action, and her advice on communicating science effectively to bring about change.