Dr. Geoff Achilles

 -Air Products-

Geoff is currently the Director of the Process Gases group in the Technology organization.  The group consists of 30 international researchers and scientists in the areas of gasification, synthesis gas, process gas cryogenics, and materials.  Their goal is to create new, value added technologies or improve existing ones for the related businesses.  They work closely with the Engineering Process Gases Product group and the operating plants.   Geoff is also the Technology lead for the Air Products / Shell Residue Gasification Alliance team based in Shell’s Amsterdam offices. 

Geoff joined Air Products in 1992 after receiving his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  He completed three CDP assignments in the Research and Engineering Systems team, the Air Separation Engineering group (Hersham), and in the Chemicals Process Technology group.

After the CDP program, Geoff spent 18 years in HyCO with assignments in Engineering, Technology, and Operations.  During that time he served as the Wilmington HyCO plant supervisor, the Hersham based Manager of the HyCO Process Engineering team, and as the HyCO Technology Manager.  He joined the Technology group as the Energy Business Technology Manager before transitioning to his current role in Process Gases Technology.