Kent (Jingxu) Zheng

 -archer Lab-

Regulating Electrochemical Growth of Metals at Rechargeable Battery Electrodes

Zn-ion battery has a low levelized cost of $0.3/kWh relative to vanadium flow battery, Li-ion battery, lead-acid battery and sodium-ion battery($0.7, $0.5, $0.8, $0.7/kWh, respectively). It is obvious that one can further reduce the levelized cost of a battery by prolonging the cycle life. In this meeting, I will report a type of textured metal anodes that exhibit unprecedented levels of reversibility, > 99.9%. As a first demonstration, I will discuss my recent progress in creating Zn metal batteries that overcome the inherent propensity of the metal to form highly porous microstructures composed of randomly oriented plates.